Events and conference appearances


August 2018
Why would states heed the recommendations or commands emanating from peer reviews? This question was addressed at the Panel ‘EU, Technocracy and Use of Evidence’ where we presented our research paper ‘The Authority of Peer Reviews Among States‘, co-authored by Carraro, V., Conzelmann T., Jongen, H. & M. Kühner. The panel was part of the ECPR General Conference at the University of Hamburg, 22-25 August, 2018. Read more


August 2018
We organized a panel discussion at one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe: the ECPR General Conference where participants presented their papers on Monitoring by Bureaucrats, Experts, and Representatives in International Treaties. The conference took place from 22-25 August 2018 at the University of Hamburg. Read more


April 2018
This year we were invited to the International Study Association’s 59th Annual Convention in San Francisco to present two of our papers: ‘Beyond the Carrot and the Stick: Explaining the Authority of Peer Reviews in Global Governance‘ (co-authored by Carraro, V., Conzelmann T., Jongen, H.) and ‘Fears of Peers? Explaining Peer and Public Shaming in Global Governance‘ (co-authored by Carraro, V., Conzelmann T., Jongen, H. & M. Kühner). The conference took place 5-8 April 2018 in San Francicso, CA. Visit the International Study Association


February 2017
Our paper ‘Why Heed? Explaining the Authority of Peer Reviews among States’ has been accepted for the ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, 22-25 February 2017. It is co-authored by Carraro, V., Conzelmann T., Jongen, H. & M. Kühner. Read more


5 October 2016
Hortense Jongen has presented her PhD research during a lunch seminar at the Quality of Government Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. The title of the talk was ‘Combating Corruption the Soft Way – Under what Conditions Do Peer Reviews among States Develop Authority in the Fight against Corruption?’ Go here for details


23 September 2016
Valentina Carraro’s paper “The United Nations Treaty Bodies and Universal Periodic Review: Advancing Human Rights by Preventing Politicisation?” has been accepted for publication in Human Rights Quarterly. Go here for the publication details.
Valentina had first presented this paper at the ISA Joint Conference on Human Rights in an Age of Ambiguity, New York, 13-15 June 2016.


10 September 2016
We convened a panel on peer and expert review in international organisations at the ECPR General Conference in Prague, 7-10 Sept 2016, and presented preliminary results of the PROM project there.